Global Expedition and Ocean Rowing Specialists

Rowing an ocean is one of the greatest endurance adventure challenges.  It is everything a real adventure should be - physically, emotionally and mentally challenging.  It demands high levels of preparation and training, technical knowledge and skill.  There is also no guarantee of success.

AdventureHub has experience of multiple crossings of different oceans as well as training and mentoring crews who have achieved success at sea.  Ocean rowing is growing and developing and AdventureHub is at the forefront of this progress.

Why AdventureHub.  You cannot be overprepared for rowing an ocean but when it comes to training experience and knowledge counts.  With multiple crossings, 5 world records, experience as race safety staff and boat scrutineers, trainers and advisors to numerous crews for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Campaigns Trans Atlantic Rowing Race AdventureHub has a unique and unparralleled level of knowledge and experience.

What we offer.  One size does not fit all.  We can offer advice, organise and deliver training courses and even mentor crews and individuals. Subjects include:

1. Proven physical training and training programmes  

2. Nutrition

3. Body maintenance at sea

4. Tactics and routine at sea

5. Equipment selection and use

6. Crew dynamics and mental preparation

7. Communications

8. Emergencies

9. Family support

Whatever you believe your needs to be contact us to find out more and help us give you the best chance of success.

Ocean Rowing